Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Time

 We got up Easter morning and made Resurrection Rolls thanks to the Women Living Well blog. The kids LOVED them, and so did I and of course we told the story as well. We then went to church where we enjoyed a great message and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt.

Miss E and trying to hunt eggs in a dress

Mr L at the church egg hunt

My two munchkins

Again it's been too long since I've blogged because of training for a half marathon this weekend, kiddos, hubby, work, and school.  

I have to say though, my little girl is growing by leaps and bounds. Sometimes I barely recognize this little lady standing in front of me. Just today her Daddy was telling her about whales on discovery channel and she said golly!! She is definitely her own woman with her own personality. She likes her kitties, tinkerbell, and her dinosaurs and rats. She's such a little girl, but so not prissy. 

Well gotta go get my ipad away from my husband playing a game so I can do some homework.  

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