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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial day Weekend

We left Friday to meet A big group of people at the lake. We had such a blast. Even the snake that was hanging around the water yesterday couldn't dampen our spirits. (we did get out of the water when we saw it)

I didn't get any pictures and barely touched my phone the whole weekend. I was busy having fun with my kids & friends. We ate like kings. Thanks to all the cooks!! Breakfast outside camping is just great!! We swam, played, played horseshoes, & the kids played with the other kids there.

We all got sunburned by me more than my family. We think the sunscreen we were using was old because I reapplied often and still got burned. Oh well had fun anyway, & it was great to get away & unplug!!

Praying for our men & women serving anywhere today, & all of those who fought for our freedom before.

- Just a small town girl on the go

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