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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Little Blessings..

I have to say sometimes God just amazes me. Little blessings here and there He has bestowed upon me.

Monday was a no good bad day for a few reasons. Tuesday brought a blessing. A co-worker gave me an unexpected gift that I have been wanting for awhile. It was so thoughtful it almost made me cry. It was amazing that God gave her that thought and it was something I've been wanting for months now.

Today brought another blessing. I've been needing a new pair of black boots to wear to work. I thought of it this morning in passing. I've borrowed my mom's boots and I'm sure she is wanting them back. I walked into the lounge today to check and see if we had any mail. There was a box with some gently worn black boots for ten dollar that another coworker was selling. I nearly laughed out loud!!

Today I'm grateful for little blessings..

unexpected gifts..

unexpected deals...

the health and safety of my loved ones..

A warm fire to curl up to on these cold nights..

A frisky black kitten making me laugh..

Coffee and quite time with the Lord in the mornings..

A hug from my kids..

A kiss from my husband..

Thank you Lord for little blessings..

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