Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Goodbye 2011!!

I realize that I haven't blogged since the end of 2011.

Good-bye 2011! It was nice to get through the year and be content and by joyful.

Oh what a year it was...

My son started First Grade and turned 7 years old!!

My daughter started pre-k and turned 4 years old!!

My husband and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in June!!

My grandmother celebrated her 80th birthday!!

We had a blast this summer playing at the pool, hanging out with friends, and spending time with each other and friends.

We had a bad snowstorm sweep through Texas earlier in the year, that made us miss a WHOLE WEEK of school. It was so much fun staying warm and playing with my kids the whole week.

I finished 9 hours toward my Master's degree.

We took my son to his first trip to Six Flags and to ride his first roller coaster.

Two of my best friends had two brand new babies, and they are absolutely adorable!!!

2011 was a great year laughing with my husband and kids, and having fun the whole year. I'm praying for a blessed 2012!!

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