Sunday, April 15, 2012

Blessed Sunday

I got up early to have a little quiet time with the Lord and take advantage of the quiet house. Needless to say with my two little early birds, it didn't last long.

It is a cool, rainy Sunday morning here in Texas. We are blessed with a house that was designed before air conditioning and designed to make the most of it. I have our windows open to let in the cool fresh air, as well as the soothing sounds of the rain as it drips off our roof. After last year's awful drought rain is still a much needed answer to prayers around here. It is absolutely amazing how quickly nature bounces back from its trials.

God designed us that way too although we often become our own worst enemy. Take for example a grass fire, although it is destructive and deadly at times, it is also a way of cleansing out the land of underbrush and weeds to let the good grass grow. There have been several times I've passed a field that has been burnt to see bright green grass among the charred landscape. This happens to us as well. How often does life "burn" us, and instead of learning from the experience and grow new life from it. Instead we wallow in self-pity or doubt and don't look to God to help us through these times.

I've felt here lately that we've been going through a slow-burning wildfire that has charred several things about my life. My emotions, time, energy, and other things have left me drained. I need to take advantage of the renewal of the fire that cleansed me, and look to the "rain" of God to bring new life to me as well.

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BARBIE said...

Such wonderful thoughts here. I must realize that after the fire, He always sends his cool, refreshing rains. Thanks for linking up to Fresh Brewed Sundays!