Friday, April 13, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Yes it's been Friday the 13th but it really hasn't been unlucky.

My babysitter has been really sick with some upper respiratory crud, and she is getting better daily. Prayers are working :)

Had a pretty productive day at work,  although I felt like sitting at my desk and sleeping for a few hours.

My mom-in-law came over for a chat after work and we laughed and joked for awhile.

One of my best friends since grade school has moved back into town with her family. We went over and the kids played together while I helped her unpack. We laughed and had a blast.

Turned in my comprehensive exam for my Masters class earlier in the week. I have to pass it in order to graduate in a few semesters. Crossing my fingers that Monday the 23rd I'll get my test back with an acceptable rating on all four sections meaning I'll be good to graduate as long as I keep my grades up.

Tomorrow Miss E has her first t-ball game. :) So I guess I better get to working on my homework so I can enjoy the game tomorrow.

Have a blessed weekend!!

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