Thursday, April 26, 2012

Oh baseball!!

Today we had Emma's t-ball game & Landon's baseball game back to back. Then they both play one more game this weekend. It's been crazy busy with practices & church functions & work. I'd like one day to do nothing! I'm sure other moms don't feel the same. (rolling my eyes)

I'd love to slow this time down & savor it. Watching Emma & her teammates play T-ball is so much fun! Today her coach picked her up & carried her from where she was to where she needed to be. The whole crowd got a good chuckle.

Landon's team lost. The boys made some mistakes, but the other team was GOOD, & we just let it get away from us. But I can see definite improvement in the boys from game to game.

Well I think I'll call it a night, this momma is worn out!!

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