Sunday, October 21, 2012

Stained Glass

As I was sitting in church this morning I noticed that one of the stained glass windows that line the walls had a crack in it. It wasn't enough to break it, however, it did have several cracks radiating out of the center. 

This got me thinking and I wrote these following notes on my notebook I carry with me in my bible...

I see the ribbon of the cracks radiate out from the center. Who knows how the beautiful mosaic of purple, yellow, and blue were marred. However, it's beauty is not diminished, but rather shows how we need to view ourselves. 

We are different, we are beautiful, made up of a multitude of colors that represent not only the many different people, but the different facets of ourselves. We crack, we bend, however we should always remember WHOSE we are. 

I touch the glass gingerly, feeling the imperfections in the beauty beneath my fingertips. Thank you God for these imperfections, because these are the tattoos you have placed on me. those cracks in me that you have helped to shape as well as repair. 

I am who I am because of these cracks in my life. These beautiful cracks have shown me who the Lord really is. 

What cracks are in your life that you look upon with regret or contempt? But He tells us not to look at those, but to repent, learn and move on. There is no backwards with God, you can only stay stagnant where you are, or bear the burden and joys of moving forward. 

Follow the Way, be the Truth, be the Life,

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