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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A little life rant..

Let me apologize now for the rant, I just felt like I needed to get a few things out in the open, but really this topic is splashed all over the media.

I'm addressing the pressure that women and especially mothers (because that's where I am right now) place on themselves.  We put pressure on ourselves to look good, to be good wives, good mothers, good daughters, good employees, etc...etc..etc...

I think it is unreasonable to put all this pressure on ourselves, but how do you keep from doing it? You put pressure on yourself to look good, not only to feel better about yourself, but to also attract your husband so your marriage is growing and not in that limbo where you are more partners than husband and wife.  We are expected to be a mother, clean up messes, toys, bodily fluids, and then a little while later flip a switch and be a sexy, alluring wife.    Does anyone know where that switch is, because I think mine moves and I can't find it at times. 

We also are expected to have kids that behave well in public, I found that was a luxury that no one has all the time when my daughter continued to throw several fits in a Walmart & then a subway friday evening, where I finally had to leave my son with my mom and take my daughter out to our vehicle because I had never been so embarassed. And yes I know that I shouldn't care about what people think, but really who doesn't feel embarassed when your child is throwing a wall-eyed screaming fit, and you can tell them to quit,you can threaten, but no matter what you feel like all eyes are on you and judging you as a bad parent.

And we are to have home that are clean and welcoming. I must admit I am more organized than some, not as organized as some people. I feel that if I were more organized it might help me more with school, work, and my home, and I am working on it. But there are days that when you come home from work, you've cooked dinner, cleaned up the kitchen, got the kids in bath and bed, and just want to rest, but the house looks like a major toy/kid bomb exploded in it, and then you have to pick up the house because I at least like to be able to walk through my house, and not have to jump over piles of stuff or pick a trail through the stuff.  I have to admit some days the piles stay there till the next day..other times I do pick them up.

Let me say that I LOVE MY HUSBAND, so I'm not blaming him for anything (well maybe just a tad, just kidding). He's a wonderful father, a great guy that reminds me daily not to sweat the small stuff, and fixes things around the house, makes me feel beautiful and special at times when I'm in sweats & a t-shirt, and I have to say he is more crafty than I am, so any crafts that come up for my son's school, my husband usually does it.  Plus, I get to go out and blow off some steam with my girls when plans come up, and he takes the kids to do something fun, no questions asked.  

I have a crazy, hectic life, and most the time I embrace it. But there are times when it gets exhausting and I have to adjust my attitude so it doesn't get me down. So there's a little rant, I've got it off my chest and into cyberspace for others to see. 

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Carrie B said...

I love rants! You are right, it is SO hard to do all that you are "supposed" to do. As my kids age, my standards become lower, for just about everything. To make things doubly helpful, don't forget all of those who pass judgement on what you do or don't do correctly and like to offer up opinions, or just make snarky comments behind your back. We put enough pressure on ourselves. Way to much. I think that ranting is the best reason to have a blog! Better on a blog than at those you love, although, i sometimes do both :D