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Monday, April 19, 2010

Marvelous Monday

Well Marvelous Monday is drawing to a close.  It was a very busy day at work, then the kids hung out with Grandma while I went and worked out.  A co-worker complimented me today and asked me how I did it? She confessed that when she got off work she ran straight home to take care of her kids. She knew she needed to take some time to herself, but admitted she felt guilty being away from her kids longer than she had to.

I admit it's hard sometimes to go and do something when my kids are home, especially when I work, but honestly, it's better for me if I get some time to myself.  Although I have to say tonight the guilt hit after I got home from the gym, made dinner, ran into town to go to the funeral home,  and then came home to do laundry and I finally sat down for homework. Landon wanted me to color with him. I told him I would in just a minute and continued working. He said later, "That's okay momma, I got it." Ugggg 

I got up and helped him color his coloring page. Homework can wait till they are in bed, which right now they are in bed but not close to asleep. :)  But even though I still have guilt, tucking in my favorite girl and have her tell me that she loved me is the best feeling in the world. It makes me think that even though I feel like a big bum sometimes, I have to be doing something right.

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