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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Break Vacation

I haven't been online because we went camping over Spring Break. We took our nephew and the kids to the coast to visit some friends of ours and the boys went fishing in the ocean.

After going to the coast we went to one of the state parks and spent a few days in the camper. Fishing in the lake, hiking, and making s'mores. :)

This is what happens when it rains the first morning we are there. Everyone piled in the bed playing on their handhelds, and Daddy napping.

Me and Miss thing posing for the camera. We went to see the horses but the stables were closed, so she played on a wooden horse they had out front.

Miss Thing got ahold of my camera.

This is what happens when you give my kid a s'more and she just eats the chocolate.

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