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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What is it about Weddings?

What is it about weddings that always makes you go back to your own wedding?

We went to see two friends of ours get married this weekend. It was a simple, small wedding and so that made it all the more enjoyable. I sat there with my hubby and our two little rug rats and thought of our wedding nearly 9 years ago. (Gosh has it been that Long?!?) I remember I wasn't really nervous till we walked up the stairs to the church and I knew it was time. Poor Damon nearly bolted after they pronounced us man and wife because he HATES being in front of a large crowd.  We had friends and family there and it was great. I think looking back now, I think all songs for a wedding shouldn't be all sweet and sappy. My favorite one right now is Glass by Thompson Square. It explains that we are all broken people, but the paths that we've taken have brought us here together, and we don't know if it will work or not, but we'll give it all we've got.
   The wedding is easy, marriage is hard. It's about sticking together through whatever life has thrown at you and being able to roll with it together. You have to learn together or grow apart. You have to forgive and forget, love, and be humble at times. And have to laugh alot. :)

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