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Monday, December 3, 2012

Marvelous Monday

So far it has been a Marvelous Monday!!!

....Only 5 to 6 more days of classes for my Masters class and then I'm done...finished..terminado...alla fine. I say 5 to 6 because I plan on taking one final tomorrow evening but my other class doesn't have the final available till Friday morning. So I hope to take the final either Friday evening before the hubby's company Christmas party or Saturday morning. 

 .......I  got my nails done  on Friday and I'm loving them!!! Makes me feel pretty...oh so pretty...sorry I digress...

....I am off of my second job this week because of my finals which means a week to breathe easy and finish everything.

...Hubby and I were picked to coach Landon's basketball team for the season. (Prayers please!!!) I'm praying for some good parent helpers because I know very little about basketball. It should be a learning experience, and I believe in the power of positive thinking that fun will be had by all!!
....This weekend is Miss Emma's Christmas program and class party on Sunday and then we have a company Christmas party that evening. Can't wait to have some fun!!

.....Did I mention I only have a week left of school and next weekend is my Graduation...I'm not sure I mentioned that.... 

In this Christmas season, please remember those that need our help. My dear cousin Niki Carlson was taken away from us too soon and her courageous family started Niki Covers the Cold to help clothe and keep the homeless warm. Our elementary school is doing a blanket drive to help with the cause. Please contribute to local charities in your community!!!

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