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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just be a mom...

Well my day was going along great yesterday until around 6 o’clock. Miss E’s temperature skyrocketed to around 103 and for the longest time it wouldn’t go down. I felt so helpless holding my little girl who was lethargic because she was so hot and just wanted to make everything better, but couldn’t offer anything but popsicles and cool-aid.

The fever waned off and on all night and she woke up this morning better. But Mr. L who’s been coughing an awful sounding cough since yesterday morning started running fever early this morning around 2:30. I gave him medicine and went back to bed. My dear husband agreed to spend the day with them and we took them to the doctor and got medicine and they went back home. I’m at work playing catch up after all, we missed a week due to freak winter storm that blew through. (This never happens) then last week I was gone three days to a conference and was only at work two.

Then yesterday I was gone an hour or so out to Mr L’s Valentine’s day tea party. It was so much fun. The kids danced together and then you paired into mother/son or father/daughter and danced. It was so sweet and I loved it.

So needless to say missing today because kiddos were sick would be a big inconvenience for me. I would do it, but I really don’t need too. I also had plans to go to the funeral home tonight because my supervisor’s mother passed away last week. They are having the funeral several hours away on Thursday so I intended to pay my respects today. I text my supervisor earlier and said, that I might not be there, explained the situation with sick kids and offered my prayers. She said thank you and “just be a mom.” Even now typing those words makes me tear up.

How many times do I worry about cleaning or mopping instead of “just being a mom?”

How many times do I worry about the people looking at me with sideways glances because my kid is playing race car driver while I push the grocery cart around the store instead of “just being a mom?”

How many times do I say not right now I’m too busy to play a game instead of “just being a mom?”

You know people say that these are “long days but short years,” and I know they are but with so many things to keep us busy in this life, sometimes it’s hard to remember that. So today I busted out of my office as soon as allowed, no staying late to finish stuff because I have tomorrow to work hard and get stuff done. I’m going home to give my husband a break from sick kiddos and not only be a wife, but “just be a mom” and hold my kiddos to let them know mommy loves them.

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