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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well yesterday I put away laundry, schoolbooks, my homework, and packed a few things and went out for a night with the husband.

We left our small town for the big city. We went to Austin for the weekend. We drove down there Saturday afternoon and hung out at the outlet mall in Roundrock, bought some new tennis shoes for both me and Damon and walked around eating ice cream. Drove a little ways and came upon a Harley Dealership. My husband has always wanted a Harley. So we didn't have anywhere to be so we went in. We browsed bikes and a salesperson caught us outside. Now initially I though "OH NO!" now we are going to get pressured to buy, yada, yada, yada. But the gentleman was really nice. He showed us around the shop, through the parts house, let Damon sit on a Harley or two, and let us go without pressuring us to buy. We left there and went to our hotel.

We stayed at our hotel a few hours and then got cleaned up. We were going out to eat, now I'm not someone that has to go somewhere all fancy for a Valentine's day dinner. We went to Joe's Crab Shack...yup we are living large!! Then we made our way to Sixth street in downtown Austin. I've never been there, and my husband hit there with some friends from work when they were down there for a conference several months ago. We went into several little bars before settling into the Blue Moon with an awesome blues band playing. This gentleman was jamming on the harmonica and another guy could wail on a guitar. It was so much fun!! We stayed there for a couple of hours sipping on drinks and listening to music.

We then made our way back to the hotel and slept in this morning. But we got up and drove to Cabela's so my husband could look around. We stayed there a couple of hours looking at ammo, guns, the aquariaum (definately my favorite part), fishing lures, and etc. Then we drove and found something quick to eat, we tried to go to Sam Moon, but they were closed :(  And that was an experience because we drove by it twice before we could get in there. Then we stopped to buy groceries on the way home.

I can say I'm so happy with how the trip went. We blew through some money but it was money I had laid aside for this trip, and we didn't get to crazy. The blues band was absolutely worth going down to crowded Sixth Street, although people watching down there alone is worth going. And most importantly, I got to spend some quality one on one time with my hubby. I didn't take any magazines or books, it was just him and I, and a roadtrip. I think it did us some good to get away and be dating again. It was fun, I think we need to do it again in another month or so, but maybe send the kids to the babysitters for the night, and just get some movies, some steaks, and have a night in...hmmm maybe a tradition to start??

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