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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Wrap-up

Well another weekend has flown by. Mr L & I went to the grocery store together Friday and spent some time together. I've spent the weekend with my books & computer. However, I have torn myself away to take miss E to the park while the hubby took Mr L with him to his mom's to work on some projects. One project was a new cross that he welded for me for valentine's day. :)

Made cupcakes for Mr L's valentine's day party. I can't wait till tomorrow. It's a dance & Mr L danced with me last night, showing me how he's learned to dance. It was so sweet.

Well gotta Go read & do some homework - just gotta big hug from my son & baby girl fell asleep in her father's lap. Life is good.

- Just a small town girl on the go

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Sue said...

I applaud you for seeing this now. I had to wait until a major situation came up with one of my kids to learn this lesson. And of course, when I learn I go all out. My learning resulted in me quitting an all consuming 60+ our a week job and taking care of my kids while I went back to school, only a 15 hour a week commitment, to become a counselor, a flexible job. God worked it all out for good, but a little earlier recognition could have made for an easier transition!

Enjoy them! My oldest goes to college in August. The time does fly!