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Thursday, November 10, 2011


I want my attitude to be one of love for you. I want to wake up and see the world anew each day.I don't want to get down about the bad things I see in this world or the negative forces that try to pull me down. I want to be able to see each day for what it is..a gift from You.

A gift to open my eyes and see the beauty in the fall leaves changing colors.

A gift to hear my children giggling at a funny comment I made.

A gift to hear my husband work with our son on his homework. (Makes me LOVE him even MORE)

A gift to have a fire in the fireplace this chilly fall night.

A gift to have a job I love that I am constantly learning at.

A gift to spend a morning with the just the Lord, a cup of coffee, and a blanket.

There are too many gifts to name Lord, but I am so glad you provide them all for me.