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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Awwww relaxation...

Even though I have homework due today and tomorrow that I am working on, I have to say this has been a relaxing weekend so far.  Last night my mom came over to watch the kids while Damon and I went to the country club to have pizza and drinks with some friends for a friend's birthday. We are such an old married couple, we were home before 9 but had a blast while we were there.

Then today we slept in, (well as much as you can with two kids saying Momma...Momma) and then I went to the grocery store and came home. Then I took a nap and now it's time to get back to homework. Tomorrow it's church, and that's all we have planned. This is the first weekend in months that we don't have SOMETHING planned to do and I have to say it's been pretty nice so far.

I think these weekends should be the rule, not the exception, and I know with the holidays coming up it's going to get harder not to have something going on every weekend. But I'd like to try to only have one thing scheduled during a weekend, or nothing at all to allow us as a family to decompress and relax instead of going...going...going. Like right now, the kids are playing in the backyard and I'm sitting inside with a purring kitten next to me. Life is going along pretty good right now.

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