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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Proverbs 31 Woman Was Onto Something..

I understand now why the Proverbs 31 woman rose early to prepare for the day and spend time with the Lord. I woke up early this morning and since the kids were already up, I took my Bible and coffee onto the front porch. I sat with my devotionals ad bible in the coolness of the morning. I heard the wind softly blow through the trees, the doves talk to each other, and  our kitties on the front porch purr in contentment. Very few cars were driving down our street so it was just nature and me.

As I sat there feeling close to the Lord and all that He created, several things pressed up my heart to pray for:

Lord, I ask that you make me fruitful today, to get done what needs to be done, to "roll up my sleeves, eager to get started" in the day. Yesterday was my day of rest, nap and all, so now today is time to get some things done. Lord I ask that you be with me through the week at work and at home to make choices that are in line with your Word.Lord I ask for your guidance and favor to be with my husband. Lead him Lord, and help him to grow into the man you have made him to be. Promote him as you see fit, Lord, for you have made us all to succeed.

Lord, I ask for your guidance in making our home a haven, a sanctuary, a place where we love to be. Lord, help me to learn to crave you, and not food or possessions or anything else but you. Yes, I completely understand why the Proverbs 31 rose early to prepare for her day. Because time alone with the Lord is the only way to strengthen you for the day.

Have a wonderful week!!

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Piper said...

What a great reminder to start our day with the Lord!! I love the ... "help me to crave you" so many times the world blinds us of what we truly NEED!