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Monday, January 25, 2010

Brings me back....

It's been a rough week last week and today didn't start much better. I won't go into a whole lot of detail, but lets just say I feel like I have a big BULLSEYE on my back and everyone keeps kicking me. 

Our whole family has been sick with the respiratory sickness that's been going around.  I'm the only one that hasn't had it, so far, knock on wood. Today Mr L had a doctor's appointment because he sounded awful. Turns out he nearly has bronchitis, and has to be put on steriods. 

After I went to another job after my other job today, I picked up the kids and brought them home.  I made dinner and we sat down to eat. I asked Mr L if he wanted to say the prayer. We folded our hands and started praying, after we finish, Miss E started babbling and folded her hands in prayer. I found it so sweet. 

Then she was eating her dinner, one english pea at a time. It was quite comical watching her try to get one pea on her fork and then bring it up to her mouth and go "Yummmm!"

I realized about this time, that no matter what happens, mean people, bills mounting outside the door, a hard day at work, the three people I look across at the table every night during dinner that's what matters.  As long as I have my husband and my kids, that's the best part and it brings me back to center.

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