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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Our weekend away...

We left Friday to stay with some friends in Houston & take our son to the monster truck show at reliant stadium.

We left right after work Friday & headed down there. I don't know what it was but I barely woke up the whole trip till we were nearly to Houston. I wasn't a good navigator, and we got lost thanks to some miscommunication between Damon & Clint. Finally got to kim & clint's house at around 11.
Spent saturday lazing around their house & letting the kids play till we left to go to the show. It was pretty nice. Drove to the stadium & had a blast at the show. Mr L had so much fun!! The freestyle part of the show is always so much fun. Some of those boys left it all on the track so to say. Braved the traffic out of there...whoo..that's an experience. People in Houston are crazy drivers. Sorry but we nearly saw 4 wrecks in the parking lot leaving & then nearly got rear ended getting on the interstate.

Today we woke up & drove to woodville to visit Damon's brother whose at the Lewis unit there. He made some mistakes with drugs. It was a good visit. I haven't seen him in two years. He looked good. I also think being around our boy made him laugh which was good.

So after the visit we left for the trip home. I'm so ready to be home. We're still about twenty minutes away. We've been in our truck for twelve hours total this weekend. I've had enough of the road & mcdonald's food to last me awhile. I'll try to post pics of the show this week.

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