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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

Here is our weekend recap.  Friday night  Mom and I took the kids grocery shopping.  We have to drive around 30 minutes to go to any kind of larger grocery store, and of course it was raining.  We took the portable DVD player along so mom and Miss E stayed in the car watching a movie while me and Mr L took on the grocery shopping. 

Saturday we woke up and I had planned on just hanging out around the house. I got a call and had to run to a company here in town that I do computer work for. I had to clean out a virus on one of their computers.  That threw off my idea of just hanging out around the house for the day.  Later on that evening Damon and I invited my mom over to eat before she would  watch the kids while we went to friends birthday party at the Toad, a bar in a small town about 15 minutes away. Did I mention that my family owns it? Yup, it's actually kind of cool, my family owns a bar.  I'm going off a little off the beaten path, but they helped Cranfills Gap get chosen as the small town that was sent to Las Vegas as a promotional venture for the city. And their vidoes were on YouTube and the there were promotional pictures used for tourist advertisements for Vegas.  The Toad is the happening place to be around here on a weekend night. 

We had yummy steaks, mashed potatoes, corn, and mushroom and onions for dinner before heading over to the Toad for Millie's birthday.  The band was the Kevin Seale Band, and they totally kept it going and their music is really good too. It was nice to get away and decompress after this week. It was great having fun with friends that I haven't seen in awhile. Plus getting away with my hubby for an evening is always welcome.

I hoped to go to church this morinng but Miss E woke up with a stopped up nose and coughing. It sounded like her throat was sore by the way she talked, and she kept going "Ow!" after she coughed.  So we stayed home. Damon watched the kids while I went to the gym.  We watched the Cowboys get their butts whooped by the Vikings.  The kids took advantage of this unseasonably warm weather we're haivng and played outside for a little while. In fact Mr L is passed out in his little chair in the living room right now.  Damon and a friend of ours are watching the San Diego & Jets game.  Miss E and I were blowing bubbles earlier. She kept on trying to stomp them out. It was too cute.

Tomorrow starts another week...I pray that God helps me to get everything I have to get done both at home and at work.  I start back on my classes on Tuesday so I'm anxious to start the craziness of school, husband, kids, work, friends and everything else..

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