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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Kids..Husband..and Training Oh My!

Well we made it home Sunday night after a great weekend with friends and family in Houston.  My home looks like a bomb went off in it with dishes, clothes, and stuff piled every which way. We got home about 9 Sunday night. I woke up late on Monday morning and dashed out the door to work. We were in training all day so I let later than usual, picked up the kids, and went out to work on a side job I have at my husband's company working on computers.  We stayed out there for about an hour, and we came home, I threw together microwaved whatever for dinner and fell asleep in my chair at 8:30 with a major migraine coming on. 

Tuesday we had more training that ended late so instead of coming straight home to work on my messy house, I went to the gym to get a work out in, and then to the grocery store and nowI'm at home working on my blog while making sloppy joes and fries, and trying to load dishes in the dishwasher...and loading laundry. 

This is a random blog post about really nothing in particular by the way...

My loving husband discovered if you blow out the filter that your air conditioner uses for your truck it makes the ac/heater run more efficiently.  My husband doesn't buy me diamonds or fancy things, he takes care of me and my kids by fixing stuff, maintenancing the trucks, taking care of the lawn, and pretty much taking the kids whenever I ask him too, it's so great. I love him so much!!

The technology department has been in training with a contractor for the past two days. I'm learning a lot of new things that will be great when we get the hang of them, but right now I've taken in so much information that my brain has turned to mush.

It's been a week and I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday. I have a lot to do, including training tomorrow afternoon.  In order to decompress from ths "AWWWWWWWWWWWWW" week I hope to go to a local restuarant/bar for a friend of ours birthday Saturday night. I'm really needing some adult time with some good friends and have a good time to help me unwind and pull me out of the funk I seem to be in. I don't even really want to drink, I just want to spend time with friends. 

Here are some more pictures from our fun trip to see the monster trucks. 

My Two favorite guys

Me & My Favorite Boy

Getting some air!!

I told you this was a random post...

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