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Friday, October 21, 2011

A slower, small town pace...

It’s been a busy…busy…busy week…

I was reminded this week that my family and I need to SLOOOOWWW things down. With school for the kids, my masters program for me, sports, boy scouts, cleaning, cooking, and the ever list of things to do, I believe we are BURNED OUT!!!

So this momma has taken matters into her own hands. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily say that, how about I’m putting some things into someone’s hands that can actually do something with them. I’m giving it over to God and we shall see what he can do with our schedule.

The last two nights we’ve had little to do. We went and ate with my family for my mom’s birthday and played board games. Then last night the kids helped out around the house while my hubby did “honey do’s” and then the kids played outside while I finished dinner. It was amazing to have everything done by 8pm and be sitting down in my chair. I was almost speechless.

I downloaded a book and I’m reading it for ways to slow my family down where we aren’t quiet so fast paced. It’s called Not So Fast by Ann Kroeker and has some wonderful ideas in it that I would recommend to any family. One thing she points out is that are lives are not defined by our “to-do lists.” Our lives are not the sum of anything that we can accomplish in a given amount of time. One thing that is pointed out in the book is that we tend to put more on our plate that we think we can do. I know I tend to do it!! So they mentioned to imagine your day as a beautiful plate, and divide it into three sections that you want. Three things that will help the day go more smoothly and get things together for your family. 

I hope to let people know about the progress of this little experiment. I’m hoping it will help our family come closer together as well as bring us closer to God. 

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