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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Top Tuesday - Thanksgiving Edition

I did rather copy this idea from another blog, is imitating the  highest form of  flattery?  If you haven't found it yet I would recommend the blog by Mary Beth Whalen it is soooo good!!

My Top Tuesday - These few things top my List today and since Thanksgiving is around the corner, it's all the things I'm thankful for

6) My job - I get to work closely with my kids and do something I enjoy. I work with great people, and have to say it's the best job I've had.

5) Three days for Thanksgiving Vacation plus the Weekend = 5 day weekend!! Whoop-Whoop! Time to spend with family and friends.

4) Our men and women serving overseas and all of those who have served before them.  They are on my heart this Thanksgiving because they give their all. THANK YOU!!!

3) The power of prayer. My nephew got better last week because of prayer and we sent out requests to all prayer warriors we know.  These women held me up last week.

2) My family and Friends. Without my loving husband and my wonderful kids, I wouldn't make it through one day.  They make me laugh, and forget the world to just be a kid again. Gotta love that!

1) My Lord up above. I've started a journey, & I intend to have a good finish. I've felt His grace on me and I hope to continue during this journey with complete faith in Him.


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