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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekend went by way to fast, and really wish I could have slowed it down just a bit.

Friday night I ran my usual errands and got home after grocery shopping and it was little to late to do anything. Kept up with our hometown play-off game via facebook, and we WON!! Oh yeah, bi-district champs! The s guy play next Saturday, and I so hope they win!!

Saturday Miss E woke me up early so I got my cleaning done earlier in the day and was able to relax a little bit before friends came over to eat. Saturday night was a great night. The kids played in their rooms so it was basically like an adult night out. We had an absolute blast.

Sunday was spent doing homework and going to church. We had a meal catered by a great bbq place in a nearby town. It was absolutely AWESOME food.  Then went to a friend of mines' step daughter's baby shower, (are you confused yet). I believe I'm officially getting on up in years (not that there is anything bad with that). I say that because 1) it's no longer a whole lot of women my age having babies, it is those who are younger, 2) There was a girl there that her mother was pregnant with her when we graduated high school. She looked exactly like her momma and was a teenager. Yup, it's official, I'm an adult :)  After I got home, worked on homework and watched the COWBOYS WIN BABY!!! Love it!!

Praying for many blessings for everyone for this week.  Remember to respect your boundaries and turn to the Lord for everything.

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