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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I know..I know..I'm late

I know I said I'd post a blog about my weekend and the thing I crossed off my bucket list, but it's been  CRAZY!!

First the thing I did was a Walk to Emmaus.  It was a wonderful experience!! It's in it's simplest form a retreat that helps draw you back into your Christian walk. I left there feeling lighter and freer than I had in years. In fact it is still happening!! I've been waking up in the morning, spending time in devotion and prayer and giving things to God, and I've felt better than I have in a really, really long time. I learned to love the women with me on the walk, and there were several that touched my hearts.There was one woman, Doris, who was 83 and on the walk. She was a tiny woman, but she was sprite, and such a little spitfire!! If I grow up to be even a smidgen like her, I'll be so happy! I encourage anyone to do a Walk to Emmaus. It was a great experience. That was one thing to cross off my bucket list.

I returned on a Sunday and on Monday we went with Mr. L's class to a zoo in a neighboring town. It was so cool. My son has two other kids that he hangs out with alot. In fact I've started calling them the "Three A migos". They are so cute.

 Then that next week not only were we trying to make the kiddos costumes for Halloween, I was madly trying to finish some things for my masters classes. It was a stressful week to say the least!! But we got it done and had a fun, busy Halloween weekend and letting the kids dress up and play. Here's  my Butterfly Fairy and Ninja.

I think that catches me up!! It's been a whirlwind few weeks. Ready for things to SLOOOW down but with Christmas around the corner, I don't see it as a possibility. Oh well, what a ride it will be!!

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Amy said...

Your kids are so cute! I have teenagers now, so I miss picking costumes time. However, I had a blast sitting on my front porch handing out candy to all the little darlings.

Walk to Emmaus is on my bucket list, too. I'm in a season that I'm needing to be at home with my boys, and maybe I'll be 83 before I do it. I hope I'm half as spunky as your new friend sounds!