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Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving...Oh My!!

Well, our Thanksgiving started out pretty typical. We got home late Wednesday from going to see my husband's family that are staying at my mom-in-law's. So I cooked some things I was going to take to dinner the next day that evening, then got up early Thursday and fixed a couple of other things.  Got the kids ready for Thanksgiving and headed out to the in-laws to fry a turkey.  Had a blast, watched an exciting game between the Cowboys and the Saints. I do like Drew Brees and the Saints  but my heart belongs with the Cowboys. They played a great game!!! Go Boys, play like that some more!

Well we finally got home about 7, put both kids in bath tub and changed into some comfy pajama clothes and settled down to eat a snack and relax. Heard my son crying from the other room. Turns out his sister smacked him across the bridge of the nose with a cup and cut him. Called my cousin who happens to be an RN and sweetly asked her if she would come down here and look at it to see if we needed to go to the ER for stitches. She said she thought we probably needed to. So she took Miss E to her house and we headed to the ER. Mr L was such a big boy and didn't shed one tear while they pumped the numbing agent into his nose. He got three stitches. It was a Thanksgiving to remember to say the least!!

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