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Saturday, January 22, 2011

God's Fingerprints

Found another amazing blog to follow and one of the topics this week to share is The Fingerprints of God.

Well I can look all around me and see the fingerprints of God.

My was an absolute miracle we met. We never ran in the same circles, we just happen to cross paths one day and the rest is history. He helps to make me better and gave me our two wonderful kids.

My two kiddos that help me everyday to see the good things in this world when sometimes all you hear about are awful things. They make me laugh, give me hugs when I'm down, and I'm so glad God loaned them to me from Heaven.

My family..we've had our share of troubles like everyone else, but instead of letting it tear us apart it has built us up and carried a wonderful spirit into the world. We lost my cousin to an accident way too young, and instead of letting it tear our family apart, my aunt and uncle have created  and it has grown so quickly and helped so many.

The other day I ran to my truck early in the morning. The frost had covered the grass and in the light of the street lamp it looked like diamonds covering the ground. It shimmered and I know it was just frost, but it was so beautiful.

Hearing my girl laugh, tickling my son just to hear him giggle, receiving a warm, comforting hug from my husband. Those are all fingerprints of God...

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