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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions

I've had several people ask me if I've set a new years resolutions. Resolutions are so hard to let's just say I've made some goals in 2011.

1) Pass at least 12 hours of masters courses this year. If I get more, great, if not just 12 hours will make me happy.

2) Spend more time with myself - I need time alone to recharge and take care of myself. So I have a goal to set back at least an hour of time with myself, just recharging.

3) Spend more time with the Lord in order to keep myself in balance.  That is the only way to do what I do, to step back and allow the Lord to do what I cannot do.

4) Go out on date nights and spend time alone with my hubby. Maybe go out fishing with him every now and then too.  Reconnecting with our husbands is just as important as spending time taking care of ourselves.

5) Take care of myself, work out, eat right, and sleep when I need to. I'm no use to my family if I'm sick and tired all the time.

6) Spend quality time with my kiddos. Not just spending time with them and not really paying attention to them, but actually spending quality time with our great kiddos.

My word to carry with my in 2011 is positive. I will have a positive attitude, positive thoughts, and positive actions to carry me through 2011.

Happy New Year

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